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Hydro-Flo™ Systems Spare Parts

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PLEASE NOTE TERMS & PRICES Free Shipping available continental US only.
Prices Effective: 30 March 2022 Please ask if your company receives discounts based on terms or cc payment.
Parts by Name
Part Number
List Price-USFunds
Hydro-Flo™ Strainer Assembly w/element
(80 Mesh Strainer Assembly) **NEW** 2021 Unit**
$180.00 each
Elements for Strainer Assembly
6 pc sets
80 Mesh (ss) strainer elements (set of 6pc) **NEW! 2021 Units**
#HFD-ES80N (set of 4 pieces)
$180.00/set of 4
80 Mesh (ss) strainer element  (1 Only)
#HFD-ES80 (each piece)
$52.50 each

Bowls for Strainer Assembly
Polypropylene bowl
Polypropylene Strainer Base
Buna Gasket for Strainer Assembly

Hydro-Flo™ Nozzles
PVDF Nozzle (green) 1/8"NPT(.8GPM@40PSI) 
PVDF Nozzle (green) 1/8"NPT(.8GPM@40PSI) 
#HFD-1/808E110 (set of 15 pieces)
Stainless Steel nozzles available
$42.95 each
Brass nozzles available
$34.75 each
Nozzle Wrench

Stainless Steel Support Tube Tee Bolt 1/2"x 3" w/ nut & 1/4" washer
Horizontal Adjustment SS Knob for hardware
Vertical Adjustment SS Knob for hardware 
SS Quick-Release Pin 1/2"
SS Quick-Release Pin 5/8"

Hydro-Flo™ SS FLEXLINE Shower Tubes w/fittings and nozzle    
SS Flex Line 10" with fittings and nozzle #HFD-FLEXSS10 $149.00 each
SS Flex Line 16" with fittings and nozzle #HFD-FLEXSS16 $189.00 each
SS Flex Line 20" with fittings and nozzle #HFD-FLEXSS26 $229.00 each
SS Flex Line 26" with fittings and nozzle #HFD-FLEXSS26 $289.00 each
Quick Disconnect for Shower (pre 2019) Gray
$120.00 each
CamLock Disconnect for SHOWER *NEW (2021 Part#) #HFS-38S $120.00 each
2021 SHOWER STRAINER ASSEMBLY w/Element  *NEW (2021 Part#)*


$180.00 each
Strainer Element for Shower Strainer Assembly
$180.00 for set of 4pc


Hydro-Flo Gages
Liquid filled Center Back Mount 2"SS Gage 0-30 psi 
3/4" INLET Seal Water Inlet Cam-Lock Fitting (2pc)

GAP GAGE for min gap setting
$16.00 each

Hydro-Flo Duplex Strainer Station Parts & Strainers -
Screw-on 100 mesh SS Strainer for Hydro-Flo 240 Filter station #HFF-410/SS100 $487.50
Screw-on 60 mesh SS Strainer for Hydro-Flo 240 Filter station 
Screw-on 30 mesh SS Strainer for Hydro-Flo 240 Filter station 
Spanner wrench for Screw-on strainer
Strainer Station Liquid filled Center back mount 4" 0-150 psi
J Bolts for Station Doors (17-4SS)
$57.00 ea

All prices are US Funds

Hydro-Flo LP (low profile) Replacement Seal Lips H.O.T. (High Operating Temperature Polymer)

Front Seal Lip replacement HOT
inquire for pricing for your system
2 meter
Prices reflect standard Seal Height of 82.5mm
3 meter
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