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Hydro-FloTM Deckles are the #1 selling Edge Control System in the world. No other system can provide the control, runnability and ease of use, no matter what they claim!

Click on the links below to view videos.
The Hydro-Flo Systems perform on any weights, grades and speeds,
from pulp, to tissue, to linerboard, to newsprint.

Hydro-Flo System Video 1
Multi-Ply Heavy Linerboard
Hydro-Flo System Video 2
6 meter SP System
Hydo-Flo System Video 3
Printing grade
Hydo-Flo System Video 4
Pulp grade
Hydo-Flo System Video 5
LWC grade

Return On Investment is extremely fast!
In most cases, 100% payback is realized in just a few weeks!
Not months or years, but weeks!
Your complete investment in a Hydro-Flo System
is usually fully realized in a matter of weeks!

No more waves! Cleaner edges! No wire contact Better runnability! Ease of Use!
Hydro-Flo Deckle Systems are offered in (2) distinct profile configurations:
SP (Standard Profile) and LP (Low Profile) to meet the height requirements of any machine.

Hydro-Flo LP Deckles shown above & below.

These are a few of the benefits, instantly available, when you implement this system.